We've got Covid covered.

New rules will come into effect from the beginning of Wednesday 2 December; this regionally-differentiated approach means that Newell (and indeed all of Dorset) is classed as a Tier 2 region, click here to find out what that means.

You'll need to be a "mask-a-teer", Covid-19 means that now it’s “one for all, and all for one", when moving around the restaurant and common areas of our accommodation, click here for more information.

We already gather your contact details, when you book a table or room, so that fulfils our tracking and tracing requirements.

In order that we are able keep us all safe we would ask you to be mindful of current government advice – click here and here

What we are asking you do when in the restaurant, or common areas of the letting rooms;

  • If you're displaying any of Covid-19’s symptoms, please let us know that you'll be unable to come - there'll be no cancellation fees if you cancel.
  • Wear a mask when moving around the restaurant or common areas of the letting rooms.
  • Scan NHS QR code available at our entrance.
  • Use the sanitizing points on entering the restaurant, or common areas of the letting rooms.
  • Leave the restaurant by 11.00pm
  • Handwashing facilities (and instructions) are available in the restaurant's bathrooms. 

What we will do for you;

  • Provide seating that is 2 meters apart, or 1 meter with risk mitigation - where 2 meters is not viable.
  • Provide sterile tables, chairs, tableware, napkins etc., single use menus; have our temperatures (taken at 11.00 am and 5.30 pm) on display so that you know we both are well and healthy.
  • We’ll ensure that all rooms sanitized, and well aired, prior to your arrival - our laundry is professionally laundered.  
  • We'll have the NHS QR code available for you to scan at the restaurant’s entrance and in the room’s common area.

The coffee point, in the room’s common area, will be cleaned in the same way that the rooms are, and will have sanitizing wipes, disposable gloves etc. for your use.

We will serve you yummy food and wine, and if you’re staying with us, make sure you’re comfortable and content with the steps we’ve taken to ensure you’re safe. Local (Dorset) Covid-19 information can be found here.

Please let us know if you have any queries by calling 01935 710 386.