Welcome to Newell Restaurant & Rooms.
See what Marina O'Loughlin had to say about us.

We are open lunch & dinner; but close on Wednesdays.
The West Country called, and after having lived locally for three years, we decided to open a small restaurant in Sherborne, Dorset.
“This was the sort of meal I yearn for but do not find more than once in a half decade” wrote Giles Coren, in The Times.
We have 4 letting rooms, so logically I've called it “Newell Restaurant & Rooms”.
There’s only the two of us, me in the dining room and Paul in the kitchen making everything on the menu in-house, including our bread and pasta.
I am hoping that Newell Restaurant & Rooms will come to be seen as a small, but big hearted, neighbourhood restaurant serving tasty food, which also, conveniently, has letting rooms.
We look forward to welcoming you at Newell Restaurant & Rooms soon.
Tracey Petersen.